Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sanghi Parivar

Ok, Before you start reading this, Let me warn you. If you are not a Marwari, that too from Sanghi Family who hails from Kanwat, Rajasthan (Garg gotra), then this blog might not interest you. Still, I request you, if you can, please share this on your profile or website or anywhere, so that this blog has some chance of achieving what is aims to.

This July, My Dad showed me a hand written note made by my grand father. The paper had turned yellow. Ink had faded. It was difficult to read what was written.It appeared like a big flow chart has been drawn on a small piece of paper. My father told me, it's our family tree. Your grand father has very carefully traced out our genealogy on this paper. I tried a little harder and I could read my father's and uncle's name at the bottom of the paper.

And my father told me that he wanted to make sure this family tree is properly maintained. This was not a tough task. I promptly took out my laptop and created a word document and also added my, my brother's and my cousin's name to the list. It was all very simple.

You can download the family tree from here.

As you can see, it traces our family to 8 generations back. But it traces only My Grand father's Father's (Marked in red colour) family. It does not say anything about any of his brother's family. And also we have no idea who they are. And suddenly my dad told me that he wanted to expand this family tree to include them and also get in touch with at least one of them.

This is a tough task. How do I do this? Agreed Internet has shrunk this world. But how can I search for someone or rather someone's descendants after 4 generations. And only thing we have is their first name. Then one day I saw this Airtel 3G Facebook AD (Kanthilal). And I thought, I got to try something similar.

So friends here I am trying my luck out. I m not very sure or confident that this will work. But as they say: "You risk failure when you are trying. But by not trying you ensure it."

Request you to get in touch with me at or leave a comment ,in case you happen to be part of this tree  or you know some one who is.

Also request all of you to share this, so that I have some chance of fulfilling my father's small wish.

Here is the link again. If you are not able to access the link, here is how my family tree looks.
Family tree, Sanghi Parivar, Garg Gotra, Kanwat-Rajasthan


  1. Hi Lalit,

    Came across your post post a discussion I had with my father about the Sanghi family. Why don't you drop me a line and maybe we can together complete this? I, honestly, can't recognise any name in the tree but its a start nonetheless.

    Kshitij Sanghi

    1. Hey Kshitij,
      How are you doing. I m not sure if you got my reply after u posted the comment on this blog.
      I was looking forward to talking to you.

      I'll be travelling to Rajasthan in couple of days, and will be trying to add to this tree. Just drop me a mail if you see this.

      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Kshitij
    It was really nice to hear from you. And Am really excited about this.
    Can you mail me @