Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I spent 2011 - Reliving the best moments

On 1st Jan 2011, My FaceBook status said " In the fond memory of 2010: It was a good year. But I can not say I ll miss it, coz one of the things 2010 taught me is tomorrow always comes....".

As 2012 is setting in, I sit and look back into 2011. I can definitely say I had more smiles than disappointments in 2011.

2nd April 2011 was one of the best days of life. I personally did not achieve anything that day. But like most of the Indians I felt like the King of the World. That night brought out tears of joy.

Jan 2011:
As always Jan 1 started with Lots of drinks, food, fun and friends.
But the best memories of Jan was Goa trip. This was my 2nd trip to Goa. When I am there I always feel like I have stolen few days from my own life. Prakash, Nishant, Sameer and Amit were my partners in crime this time.
From Left to Right: Nishant, Prakash, Me, Sameer, Amit
Guys, I ll not forget the Shots, Volleyball game, The hunt for the Sun Rise, The game to find out who is the most Kamina, Nishant's quest to drawn me and Prakash's  gala kharab hai. It was all fun.It was here only I realized few things in life does not change.

Me @ Anjuna beach in 2011

Me @ Anjuna beach in 2008
Feb 2011:
The month my brother got married. And gave me a very sweet bhabi.Took a break of two weeks from office. Worked hard and had fun like crazy for this. I love my family. I love them.
My Family
Mar 2011:
The world cup fever @ its peak. All the matches speak for themselves. But what stands out is epic clash between India and Pakistan. These pics will tell you the story of my feelings.

5th Wicket

6th Wicket

7th Wicket

8th Wicket

9th Wicket

10th Wicket

Apr 2011:
And a six sealed it. We conquered the world on 2nd April. No words can describe the feelings. probably this video will.

This was the day I danced with strangers on the street. This was the day when Everything was Possible.

Then AV's (arpit's) birthday celebrations was first in the series of crazy celebrations with my roomies @ Tulip-101.

May 2011:
May was an becoming an uneventful month till Hampi happened. Its an amazing place to go and see some the most beautiful architecture of Ancient India. Some of the pics:

Jun 2011:
I completed 1 year in Hyderabad. Had a nice party. And this is the month I read "Tuesdays with Morries", and my interest in books was reignited. Sorry No pics for this month.

Jul 2011:
I completed 4 years of professional life and wrote something for the 1st time. Warning you its not good.
But best was another trip to home and the Chillar party- Birthday celebrations of Aanya and Krish.

July ended with a trip to Dudhsagar.Easily best place i visited in 2011.

Aug 2011:
My Birthday falls on 8th. Nothing much happened that day. But i wrote another article on Dudhsagar. Do read this one.
Mid August, I went to Banglore to meet my College friends. Relived the VIT moments. But while I was there, On 14th night i was asked my a stranger "Tum Hindu ho ya Muslim"? I never knew why he asked this. But It did not feel nice.
But what stole the show in August was our trip to Bhawani Islands. Its a very nice place in Vijaywada. Few pics:
Entering the islands

As if there is no tomorrow
Sept 2011:
September was the 1st time my FB status said "Lalit Agarwalla is bored to death.". This month Indian Cricket team traveled to England and was beaten 4-0. I joined guitar classes.On teacher's day I dedicated this to my teachers. And I again request if anyone of you can help me with this.

Oct 2011:
We had lots of parties without any reason this month. We ate out almost every other day. Started playing badminton regularly. We just landed up at each other's place and had loads of fun. It felt like I have either gone mad or have become a teenager again

Then came Diwali, and I was off to home again. Nothing cheers you up more than spending Diwali at home. 
Diwali Puja

Nov 2011:
November was probably the dullest month for me in terms of outdoor activities. I also discontinued my guitar classes this month. But I did have quite a few moments which I will cherish for ever.
To make the month more boring India played WI in a meaning less series. Sachin did not score his 100th Century. This month could have been much better had Aussies been bundled out for less than 25 @ Capetown. They were 21-9 at one point of time and went on to score 47.

Dec 2011:
Dec started with Aikya-4th Annual day celebrations of Pegasystems. I guess this was only the 3rd time i have gone on to a stage for performing something. But I enjoyed every moment of it. This was probably my best day in Pegasystems till now.

Then One of my best friend, Gaurav, got married in this month. We had an amazing time in his wedding. His wedding and most importantly his family taught us few very important things of life.

And then there was Annual day celebrations @ Angel & Krish's school. This day made me realize that Girls are born dancer and guys are simply nuts by birth.

Finally 2011 ended with a nice party @ f-lounge.

In a nut shell, I had an amazing 2011. I have no regrets no complains. 2011 was a good year for my personal and social life. In 2012, I hope to continue this and I ll try to make sure I have a better professional year as well.


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