Monday, April 2, 2012

A journey from 1996 to 2011

On 31st March 2011 (the day after India had beaten Pakistan to secure a place in the 2011 World cup final) my FB status said:

"For many years now.. I have read it on many newspapers, Watched it on TV/Internet, heard it on FM.. but I have never felt it.. this Saturday.. When India beats SL.. I wanna feel it.."

I had no clue what kind of feeling it was going to be. But when it finally came, like many others, I felt like king of the world. I was happy, I was satisfied. I was out on the streets, I was dancing with strangers. I was shouting at top of my voice, I was going crazy and I had every rights to go crazy.

I don't remember how I got hooked to cricket. Probably it comes naturally to most of the Indians. Even now when computer games are replacing most of the outdoor activities, you can still see children playing cricket outside. Cricket is one of the very few things that unites this vast country.

1996 world cup was a memorable one. Jadeja slaughtering Waqar all around the park, and Prasad giving royal send off to Shoail will always be one of my most cherished moments. Although loosing to Sri Lanka in the semifinal was disappointing, I was not hurt. I was not hooked to cricket emotionally.

1999  world cup was even boring. The only memory i have from this is the 318 run partnership between Ganguly and Dravid against Sri Lanka. I loved that innings so much that, in one of my school exams i described the entire match (Essay on an outing with uncle)

2003 world cup was a good one for us. As the tournament progressed i started believing that we can actually win this. And till date I feel we did not loose the final to Australia but we lost it to pressure of being in the final.
The sixes that Sachin hit of Caddick and Akthar will remain itched in my memory for ever.

2007 world cup was humiliating. Losing to Bangladesh and getting out of the tournament in the 1st round itself was not acceptable.

2011 world cup turned out to be a dream come true. We had the team to win it. And the way Yuvraj reacted after beating Australia confirmed me that we were going to win the it. The following Semi Final and Final matches brought back all the childhood superstitions back. We fought real hard to win both the matches. I don't know about the players, but I was really really tensed.
When the six finally sealed the world cup for us, We conquered the world that day. No words can possibly describe the feelings.

I just wanna thank the India cricket team for making us proud. 2nd April will always be a special day for us. I can safely bet that the world cup win must have made many people to forget their problems and jump in joy. I certainly did.