Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why I Love the Girl I Love

I don't know why I love her. I just do it.

Whenever I talk to her, I forget all my worries. It simply doesn't matter what kind of mood I am in. 

I wont lie. It was not love at 1st sight. I don't even clearly remember our first meeting. (I hope she remembers, I would love to talk to her about this). But something did happen to me. Also I was not kind of a guy who liked to mix a lot. I was introvert, kept to myself and I was boring.

Slowly I started noticing her. She was fun loving, carefree and confident. She smiled a lot, and the way she did it. She was everything, I was not. I used to secretly wish to become like her. And then I started falling in love with her. 

I started looking for ways to talk to her. I still remember the first time I needed to talk to her. I was literally shivering. But slowly I realized that even she was looking for ways to talk to me. I doubt if anything else till than has given me more happiness.

And then we started talking. I realized she was carefree only when she was having fun, otherwise she was a very caring person. Slowly my love and respect for her grew.

When I look back, I fail to understand, why did she fall for me. 

Every moment spent with her is special and I remember most of them. But there are few very close to my heart.  I am not writing those here. I am going to talk to her about those. Actually I should have done it long back.  And then there are few that I dream of spending with her.

Oh, by the way, I am no more an introvert or a guy who does not enjoy his life. Quite a lot of credit has to go to her for bringing this positive change in my life.

I have loads of fun and try to enjoy every moment. But then I am a normal guy. Sometimes I feel frustrated, dejected. And I just pick up the phone and dial her number. The reason I love to talk to her is because, I know I do not have to lie to her.

When I talk to my parents, they expect me to be responsible. When I talk to my friends they expect me to be strong and determined. When I talk to my brother/cousins/relatives they want me to behave like a grown up. But when I talk to her, I can be myself.

I know, even she expects me to be responsible/strong and determined. But she doesn't mind when I go to her and tell her that "I am tired and I need a break". And she understands. To her I can go and tell that I am exhausted and i feel like giving up. She never says "Aise karne se kaise chalega". She will listen and then say something which simply charges me up. Somehow she manages to draw all the negativity out of my mind.

I guess these are lots of selfish reasons for love. And I still don't know why I love her.

Hmm.. so dear now stop grinning. There are few things I do not like about you. And you know what does things are.

And yes I miss you a lot, and I also miss the old you few times.

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